Saturday, November 1, 2014

Toot my own horn

My mom and I used to make my Halloween costume every year; (and by we I mean her with little help from me) but she did teach me the basics of sewing. Since I've had girl's of my own, I've looked forward to sewing their costumes and teaching them the basics one day. Well, Bri's not ready for using the sewing machine yet (she can't quite reach the pedal) but she did help hand me pins and she picked out which color pin she wanted me to use when arranging the pieces. I had fun and although I made many mistakes (zippers are hard!) I got the job done and she loved it. The first pic is the finished product before I hemmed it so she could walk. 

Ha! I figured out how to insert pictures on my phone. Yay. Anyway, this is both girls, Bri in her hemmed Queen's dress and Adi in her hand me down strawberry costume. So many compliments to both while we trick or treated downtown Gig Harbor this year. Happy Halloween! 

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