Saturday, May 9, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

After Steve had been traveling for the better part of early 2009, we decided we needed to get away and spend some time together. With all of his United miles and Marriott points saved up, we were able to book an all inclusive trip to Puerto Vallarata, Mexico for a week. This was not to be a huge trip, just a time to relax and get away, so there are not a lot of site seeing pics here. Also, with 'hamthrax' as one of Steve's sister in laws calls the recent swine flu pandemic, and the fact that we went during their slow season, we pretty much had the whole place to ourselfs. Which worked out nicely for our quiet and relaxing goal. We did take a tour of a Tequilla Factory. Well, I guess I can't really call it a tour since Steve and I were the only ones in the group, and the Factory looked like it was closed for the slow season. But the women who happened to be there, did explain some about how Tequilla was made, and we did buy a bottle for oursleves. We had a great time, despite both getting a slight burn mid way through the trip. Turns out the sun is a little hotter in Mexico than in Fremont, CA. :)
Starting our all inclusive trip out right at the SFO Red Carpet Club.

This is our view from the Marriott hotel in Puerto Vallarta.

Yikes, just a guess but I think they meant button.
A view from the hotel out to the water.

Steve's feet as we layed out by the pool. Notice the pool has a view of the ocean. It doesn't get any better.

In downtown Puerto Vallarta, we walked along the beach and saw a few of these amazing sand structures.

Waiting for the sun to set. Mind you it took longer than we though, and we were quite hungry by the time it was done.

Told you I was hungry.