Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lucky #13

It’s a girl!!!

20 weeks (3) (681x1024)

That’s right, we are having another Baby Girl. =D For those of you who do not understand why I call her Lucky #13, no it’s not because we have 12 previous children, it’s because this baby girl will be the 13th girl born in a row for the Teodoro family! What are the odds?!?

The ultrasound pics where not as good as Bri’s since this little one was a little more snug in her location. Not that she doesn’t have plenty of room in there, but she was nuzzled up against my side and hiding her face behind her hands most the time. But we could a couple of decent pics. I’ll only post the ones that should be fairly easy to recognize a baby in. (That I couldn’t tell you what all of them are all of. Sonograms are still a little hard to read)


And here’s one of her feet crossed. She was pretty kick back throughout the whole ultrasound with her feet crossed and one hand behind her head. Just chillin’


All the others are tough to read so I’ll leave you with those too. Steve and I are super excited to be having another girl and now can’t wait to meet her in person.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas time

Before we get to a couple of cute Santa pics, I wanted share with you the video of Brielle eating her first cupcake at her birthday party(especially for those of you who did not get to experience it first hand).
Now onto Christmas photos.
Here we are with Santa. We you ask? Well, she wasn’t too excited to sit on Santa’s lap this year.
Sorry for the screen shot. This picture was in a weird format and could not be resized. Either way you get the idea. And now for the fun photo: I present Bri and cousin Trevi actually on Santa’s lap.
Trevi and Bri _ Santa 2012 (1024x680)
I just couldn’t get our family pictures done in time for Christmas cards, so Steve and I set up the camera in front of the (short, we do have a toddler now) Christmas tree and did our Christmas photos the good ol’ fashion way. Here are a couple of winners.
Winner (1024x681)Winner 2 (1024x681)
We took at trip to downtown Gig Harbor to check out the annual tree lighting. Grandma and Grandpa joined us for the big event. As you can see, we brought the good camera ;), so the photos turned out amazing. Well, the one with Grandpa isn’t too bad at least.
DSCN2257 (768x1024)DSCN2259 (1024x768)
Although you would think this would be incredibly cold being WA in December, the night was actually perfect, the best part being that it wasn’t raining! Good for all those kids who waited around after the tree lighting to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what they want for Christmas.
We had our family Christmas morning a couple of days before Christmas since we were heading down to sunny southern CA to spend the week with my parents. She seemed to enjoy all her gifts from us, but this one took the cake. As you can see from her face, she enjoys her new car.
DSC_8879 (1024x681)DSC_8881 (1024x681)DSC_8882 (1024x681)
As I said, this year was our year to be down in Ventura for Christmas. Most of you think we were lucky to be in such a warm weather state during the Christmas season, you probably assumed we packed our swim suits and shorts, but you’d be wrong! It was actually quite cold down there (for southern CA at least) reaching high 50s during the day and low 40s at night. Brrrr.
The night we got there Bri got started on a new diet where she ate anything and everything we put in front of her. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but check out that belly! Turns out, after a full meal, Brielle get’s an outie (belly button that is). This was proven to us time and time again thru the week.
DSCN2277 (768x1024)
Christmas morning she did really well. She’s really starting to get the hang of opening gifts.
DSCN2290 (768x1024)
She’s even eager to help others open their gifts!
DSCN2294 (768x1024)DSCN2295 (768x1024)
My uncle Rob is a huge Packers fan, so he got her this Green Bay jersey for her birthday. I made sure she was wearing it the day they came to visit. But really, the reason it made the blog was because of her cute crossed feet just like her dad. She did this all by herself, no assistance from Steve needed.
DSCN2301 (768x1024)DSCN2302 (768x1024)
Speaking of Uncle Robb, here is his wife Teresa after opening her Christmas gift from us. We got the whole family Nerf guns. My aunt Teresa was a little worried about her husband and daughter shooting at her so as you can see she is hiding behind a pillow with her sunglasses on. No poked out eyes for her!DSCN2304 (1024x768)
Cuz Amanda taking aim at her mom.DSCN2306 (1024x768)
And always, I can’t leave the blog without telling you our fun airport adventure as we headed home from Venture. I know, never fly with us, we are trouble. Our flight wasn’t scheduled to leave until 12, so we decided to see some friends for breakfast before catching our flight. Brielle, who was nearing her nap time, was not happy at breakfast and instead of hanging around and talking after eating, Steve and I decided to head to the airport to let her stretch her legs before the 2 hour flight. We got up to the check in terminal, and the darn computer told us we couldn’t check the car seat since there was only 30 minutes before our flight. But it’s 10am and our flight doesn’t leave until 12! So we figured something was wrong with the computer. After talking to an agent, turns out the computer wasn’t wrong, and our flight was now at 10:38am! Yikes!!! (Um so yeah, we both got the email stating our flight had changed, and both deleted it thinking it was just the reminder we usually get saying to print your boarding passes ahead of time. Lesson learned). So, here we go. One 4 month pregnant woman, one 15 month toddler, 2 carry on bags, a diaper bag (which let’s face it, is as big as a carry on bag itself) a backpack, a car seat and a partridge in a pear tree (It is Christmas after all) running through the airport. The security line wasn’t too bad, but being that we were late, the kid in front of me had to have his bag checked and the TSA agent took his sweet time clearing the belt so our luggage could get scanned. Oh, and then, I left a water bottle in the diaper bag since I wasn’t thinking to clearly so we had to wait for another slooooow TSA agent to come and check my bag. Weird thing though, I got to keep my water. Hee hee. And then the running. We are at LAX, not a small airport. Steve took both carry ons, his backpack and the baby carrier. I had Bri, the equally sized diaper bag and a 4 month fetus. Steve could have lapped me I was so slow. Bri loved all the running. She giggled the whole time while other people in the terminal asked if I was okay since I was breathing so loud. But we made it, even if we were the last ones on the plane.
We had a layover in Portland so I’ll let you go with this pic of Steve’s genius idea to carry Brielle around the terminal.
DSCN2307 (768x1024)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!