Friday, April 25, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

10 months!

Man o man does time fly with the second kid. I can’t believe she’s 10 months already! It’s funny, I look at pictures of her and she looks huge! But when I hold her in my arms, she still feels like such a tiny baby. Our sweet Adi… let’s see, she’s still crawling and cruising every chance she gets. On days she’s in the car or held for too long she gets real impatient and practically begs for a chance to stretch her legs. She is standing without holding on to anything more and more which means I am pushing her over more and more (you know, ‘cause that will stop her from walking one day). She talks all the time and is really starting to grasp this whole eating thing. She smiles at everyone she meets and climbs everything in her way. Stairs are her favorite and if I leave the gate open for even a second, she’ll be halfway up the stairs before I blink my eye. She is really starting to enjoy playing with Brielle (whew), and is strong enough to endure Brielle’s hugs and kisses and hugs and kisses and hugs and kisses. She even gives the best hugs herself, which I cannot get enough of.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Steve's Maiden Voyage Pictures

Steve also took pictures of our maiden voyage. Here are the wires for the lighting on the right side of the trailer.
And here are the wires for the lighting on the left side of the trailer. The artsy part is his own shadow in the picture, kind of like Hitchcock always making a cameo in his own movies...
Bri and Trevi wasting time on the dock at Tides while we waited for our food.
Bri's first meal on the boat. We opted not to take a picture of Adi's first meal. ;)
Bri discovered the hatch which was probably the best thing ever since sliced bread.

Maiden Voyage

Back in January, on the day Steve got back from one of his many trips to South Carolina, we bought a boat. We figured we didn't have enough to do with two kids, an old, fixer upper home and mole infested yard so why not? And then, let's not just buy a boat, but a sailboat that neither of us has ANY experience on. Oh wait, Steve's been on a teeny tiny sailboat like 3 times, and I've seen one, so we're totally pros.

Well, due to inclement weather (being that we live in the Pacific Northwest, this is a typical thing) and Steve traveling to South Carolina a few more times, we had not had a chance to take the boat out until... TODAY! And what a perfect day to go. We didn't sail, but we motored around and that was fun too! Cousins Brett and Kate and their daughter Trevi hitched along for the ride (and quite frankly did most of the work since I pretty much fed Adi) and we motored out to lunch and back all afternoon. Although the day started with a hiccup (the engine would not start), Steve kept his head about him and he and Brett got the engine problem worked out and we were on our way. Here we are, driving to the dock, boat in tow.
Putting the boat in the water!
The first attempt to launch was not successful. Turns out you have to untie ALL the ropes connecting the boat to the trailer before the boat can slip into the water. Details. Once everything was untied, everyone was loaded, and the engine started, we were on our way.

The truck looks soooooo tiny at this angle.
First stop in our boat, Tides for lunch.
Bri and Steve at the Tides dock.
Full view of the boat, Brett in the, wait for it, stern of the boat. See what I learned all in one day?!? Oh, there's more, he's on the port side of the boat. Boo yah!
First family picture in the boat.
Check out her chin. Before we even got on the boat, Bri tripped on the dock and scraped her chin and hands up. I was a little worried it may be a bad omen for our trip, but most of the day went well from there on. Oh, besides the fact that she almost fell down into the boat but miraculously Steve caught her by the ankle preventing her from falling 4' and landing on her head, but causing her to smack into the metal stairs. I hear it was a pretty awesome catch (I was up at the restaurant ordering lunch so did not see), good job babe! And then there was the fact that the engine just stopped after we left that harbor, not slowed down, stopped. After drifting for 5 minutes or so, Steve got it back up and running and we headed straight for the dock so as not to be stranded with 4 adults and 3 small children on the water. But besides all that, we had a pretty successful day.
And as you can plainly see, the girls were tuckered out after all the excitement on our new (to us) sailboat.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Because I'm Happy

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Turn around

I turn around for a second to scoop some hummus up with ky celery and Bri decides to take over feeding sister...

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