Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 2 (2 of 2)

Pic 9, found a cool bench for the girls and I to rest on. Hey, don't judge, "hiking" with toddlers is a lot of work!

We crossed down to the beach where Bri decided to pick up every creature we founs. Pic 10 is a caterpillar. It pooped on her. But wouldn't you if something 10x your size picked you up? Pic 11 is a dead crab. She actually has a little crab in the other hand but you can't see it.

Well, after the hike we decided to head. With our little sleep and long boat ride back, we wanted to get home and relax a bit before the week began. Steve let Bri drive the boat bavk part way. We didn't go in tje straightest line but did discover driving with your feet is fun! (Pic 12) And with that, our trip comes to a close. Hope you had fun and we look forward to share more sailings adventures with you in the future.

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Day 2 (1 of 2)

I'll admit, I didn't get my best night's sleep our first night on the boat, but after going through 2 babie's erratic sleep schedules, it wasn't the worst either. But sleep is boring, let's talk about the pics. 

We decided to take advantage of one of the many hiking trails before heading home so we layered up and took off. Adi... took the lead. (Pic 1)

Look at our beautiful surroundings (Pic 2-4) all within a 30 min drive from out house.

Adi "hiked" for about 15 min before whining, running to daddy, putting her head down and raising up on her tippy toes which is obviously the universal sign to be picked up. (Pic 5 & 6 hiking and carried)

I've got nothing for these next 2 pictures except I love the one of Adi and for Steve and Bri?.. I told them to look like the roots. I guess I call it interpreted statuing. It's a thing. (Pic 7 & 8)

I reached the size capacity on this email, so I'll split this into 2 posts. 

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Early morning snuggles

Adi had been snuggling too but as soon as I opened the hatch, she jack n the boxed it.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

First overnight in the boat

Captain Val here to tell you about our first overnight in the sailboat. It hasn't technically happened yet, but we are parked on the dock at Penrose Point (see pic 1), waiting for our bedtime. Adi's finally asleep and Bri, she's learning about stars because this is all too exciting to sleep. (Pic 2 is of Bri cuddling with Daddy. He wasn't quite ready for the picture.)

The girls did great on the way out here, eating their snacks at the table and watching for sea life as we sailed by. (Pic 3 & 4 show off their cuteness).

We got to the dock right at dinner time (for the ederly and the parents of toddlers, that's 5pm) and I whipped us up some Mac n Cheese (an early marriage specialty of mine) and we sat down as a family at the table for the first time on out boat. (Pic 5)

Steve volunteered to clean up after dinner so I took the girls down to the rocky shore. Bri collected nature and Adi collected sea water. (Pic 6 &7) Good thing I rolled up her pants so they wouldn't get wet.

And now, we're on the boat looking at the stars and introducing Bri to another piece of God's artwork. 

Until next time, Captain Val. (Pic 8)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Bri working on riding her bike. Adi says: "If sister wears a helmet, so do I!"

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Church Picnic

Adi sure loves watermelon. She pilfered numerous conveniently unattended pieces on the grass.