Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our trip to Oregon – mostly in chronological order…

A Ferarri with a Lamborghini license plate frame. You'd think you could get a matching frame for what that car costs.

These are the guys that make the center lane on the Golden Gate change directions. One guy picks up cones, the guy on the other side of the truck puts them down. I wonder if they ever switch sides?

We drove a long way on Hwy 1


Joseph and the Technicolor sailboat?

It makes the next picture make more sense

There’s nothing like dancing and oysters for a night out on the town

Not sure where the barn was, that’s the roof

This sailboat seemed to have quite the starboard lean despite being anchored in flat water. Not a terribly good sign.

This is where hwy 1 leaves the coast and connects up to 101. It was a wonderful 20 miles and I really wish I was on my bike.

Too bad it’s not in focus. I’ve never seen so much strapped to a bicycle.

People even get mail in the boonies

Rural school bus?

Almost finished

Some people really like their privacy.

Makes me think of Matt for some reason

Signs Nate would appreciate

Those northern Californians can be so helpful

Too much hay?

The fog can be very pretty

This looks like fun

He talks

What’s missing in this picture?

Some flowers so I appear less crass

Seniors get discounts everywhere

What is it with people just walking across the freeway?

It’s an official town

It’s got a market

A post office

And a church

Apparently Coos Bay OR, is also called the Bay Area

There’s always an extra room for company. Note the sweet car in the driveway too.


Would you buy jerky from this guy?

Biggest pile of sawdust I’ve ever seen. Coos Bay Oregon

Neat bridge leaving Coos Bay

Not sure if this doublewide was intended to be a houseboat

Next time I play scatagories and roll a U, you better believe me.

Joseph and the Technicolor water trucks?


There just aren’t words