Monday, April 16, 2012

How to use a baby as entertainment

First, introduce them to animals. (Notice, this one sounds like The Predator.)

Then, use them as props during circus tricks.

Finally, shake all the sense out of them.

Result: throbbing head.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Serious Catching up to do

Alright, I’m way behind, so the next few entries are going to be catch-up (and random stuff will be inserted here and there) Sorry. :(

While in California, one of my friends (Carla), showed me how her little girl (Aria) drank from a coffee mug. Aria didn’t actually drink from the cup, but when Carla put the cup next to Aria’s mouth, Aria slightly pursed her lips and made a drinking motion. It was a very dainty gesture and really quite cute. So I got to wondering if Brielle would do that same thing…

Not so dainty.

And now she’s 5 months! (Okay, she’s 6 months, but remember, I’m catching up)

5 months (1) (1024x681)

At 5 months, she mastered the skill of sitting. I find it’s much easier to tote her around now since I can sit her down and free up my hands to do other things. Here’s a clip at her early sitting skills:
We’ll end this one with a random pic: Getting ready for Easter:
DSCN1709 (1024x768)