Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bri’s 2nd Party Bash!

We chose to throw Bri’s 2nd birthday party bash in early September instead of on her actual birthday in hopes of good weather. And boy, did we make it under the wire. The only good weather that day was during her party and a bit before and after. Whew. Good thing too, because as a newly Washingtonian and not quite over my sunny Californian roots, I took the risk of throwing a POOL PARTY! Not much to say except she had a ball, and really that’s all I’m looking for. A few friends from church joined her including Lael, Tobin, Ruby and Cece. GG Grandma, Grandma & Grandpa and PaPa were there too. And now on to the pictures.
The set up:
The food
20130907_143655 (1024x768)20130907_143702 (1024x768)
The Photo Booth
DSC_9402 (1024x681)
The main attraction
DSC_9411 (1024x681)
The exit
DSC_9412 (1024x681)
The Hosts:
DSC_9482 (1024x681)
The guests:
Tobin Casanova
DSC_9435 (1024x681)
Lael the Artist
DSC_9436 (1024x681)
Take me to a spa Cece
DSC_9443 (1024x681)
Precious Ruby
DSC_9444 (681x1024)
Bri Knievel Teodoro
DSC_9460 (1024x681)
Adi the Up and Comer
DSC_9464 (1024x681)
The event:
20130907_151110 (768x1024)
(Yes, Steve is shooting a small unsuspecting child with a a squirt toy)20130907_151554 (1024x768)DSC_9445 (1024x681)DSC_9446 (1024x681)DSC_9448 (1024x681)DSC_9454 (1024x681)DSC_9459 (1024x681)DSC_9472 (1024x681)DSC_9508 (1024x681)
Let them eat cake!
DSC_9420 (1024x681)
DSC_9427 (1024x681)DSC_9430 (681x1024)
Happy Birthday Bri. We love you.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday ready

Bri is now ready for her gift on Thursday. Can you guess what she's getting?

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bri or Adi

As you can see, Bri loves her sister. All I did was put sister down on the pillow. Bri didn't think that was sufficient so she covered her with a blanket and shared her night time stuffed animals with her. Adi also has a book in her hands but the blanket is covering it. Sweet Bri.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adilyn and Roosevelt

So per our blog, I see Adi is only 1 week old. Well this is just not the case. She is not 1, not 2, but 3 months old already! And here are the monthly pics to prove it. (I may not be posting, but I am taking pictures!)
DSC_9316 (1024x681)
DSC_9358 (Medium)
Best smile ever!
DSC_9365 (Medium)DSC_9371 (1024x681)
And because Bri has a hard time staying out of the pics, here she is with Adi for her 3 month photo.
DSC_9392 (1024x681)
Now on to Roosevelt. Steve and I decided to brave the 6+ hour drive out to Lake Roosevelt with two children under 2. Determined or crazy, you decide. Although the ride there was not 100% pleasant, we made it with functioning auditory capacity and enjoyed ourselves on the houseboat. Highlights include: tubing with Bri, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding… with Bri, catching a fish… with Bri and 1 of the 2 ropes holding us to shore coming loose and causing us to crash into the rocks during a storm. So that last one may not be a highlight but man, what a story! Here’s the picture reel:
Lunch stop at the way out to Roosevelt. Bri saw her first praying mantis here. I let Steve take care of that lesson.20130824_125228 (768x1024)
Grandma and Grandpa picked us up in the boat to take us to the houseboat. As you can see, Bri is already excited.20130824_141543 (1024x768)20130824_141548 (1024x768)
Bri and Adi enjoying time with Grandpa on the houseboat.20130825_075641 (1024x768)
Bri getting off the stand up paddle board after our ride.20130825_090815 (1024x768)
Bri riding the SUP with Daddy.
Adi after a rough day of eating and pooping. The houseboat trip was not much different for her then being at home.20130825_190721
Bri tubing with Mama.
Bri with our caught fist
Val wakeboarding
Steve wakeboarding
I guess I should fill you in a little on the storm we experienced while on the houseboat. Keep in mind this would not be the first storm we’ve experienced on Roosevelt. The last one was in 2009 during the day while we were trying to drive the houseboat on the lake with whitecaps all around us. We were towing the ski and wakeboard boats behind the houseboat when Thomas exclaimed “We’ve lost a boat!” Dad had to swim out to rescue his boat which had pulled so hard on the rope is was tied to it broke it! Here’s a pic of Vanessa trying to walk down the hallway to the back of the boat. No, I’m not that bad of a photographer, that is as straight as I could get the picture.
And this year. It started with a beautiful lightening storm that we enjoyed watching on the back of the boat. I chose this video not because I captured the best lightening strike, but for the conversation going on the background. We were discussing whether it was necessary to put the Bimini top down in case it got too windy that night. We decided to leave it up… oops.
Shortly after this video, the rain started. No big deal. Then the wind picked up and things started going wrong. The men decided the Bimini top should come down so as not to act as a sail in the strong winds that were starting up. The wind continued to get stronger making this task difficult although they did succeed in bringing it down. Meanwhile, the women in the boat feel a little restless not being able to help so we take to shining the light on the waters to see, I don’t know, anything. And we did, first a beach ball, then a wakeboard. Our wakeboard! I told Steve about it and he jumped in the water to go retrieve the board. Meanwhile, I ran back in the check on the girls who were sleeping soundly. As I returned to the front of the boat, I noticed the boat was not in the proper place, in fact instead of perpendicular to the beach, it was about 10 feet from the cliffs on the edge of the beach! But too late, we hit. After convincing people that the boat was loose (we were rocking so hard we couldn’t tell what was us hitting the rocks and what was us just rocking with the waves), Dad jumped into the driver seat and got us right again. He then joined Charlie and Steve who were already working in the wind and rain to secure the other line back on shore. They got us secure and shortly after all their hard work, the storm was over; but hey, nothing was making that boat move again. So all in all, it all seemed a lot scarier than it was. Besides a few bumps and bruises (and Dad falling into the water without anyone knowing where he was), everyone was okay. The houseboat barely had a scratch on it and most of the damage was done to the wakeboard boat that broke a rack holding the wakeboard (hence the runaway board) and some fiberglass damage. And now it’s just a great story the our girls will  never recall because… they slept through the whole thing!
And let me leave you with a new game I like to call Adi or Bri:
Is Adi preparing herself to be a future caterer? Or is Bri making an Adi platter…
DSC_9354 (1024x681)
Bri is making and Adi platter! Good guesses everyone.