Thursday, April 28, 2011

Super Pregnancy Power

18 weeks (1)19 weeks (1)

What a difference a week made huh? I finally feel like I look a little more pregnant and a little less “full.” I’ve been feeling the little peanut moving around for a few weeks now and have even felt him once with my hands which was pretty exciting. Steve is still waiting for that privilege.

So what is my pregnant super power you ask. Ready? It’s a big one. I can now cut onions without crying! That’s right, Steve had been the designated onion cutter in our house since just starting to slice through one would create such tears in my eyes that I couldn’t see what I was doing and risked the loss of a finger if I continued the task. But low and behold, just this week, no one was home while I was making dinner so I was prepared to attack the onion with my usual procedure: make a cut, run out of the kitchen crying, wait for stinging to subside, blow my nose and charge back in to make another cut. But this time… nothing. Not one tear, not one sniffle, no stingy eyes, it was amazing! So pregnancy has given me the super power of cutting onions. If crying while cutting onions is a problem you have, give me a call. I’ll come over and help you out. It’s a gift, I can’t let it go to waste.

And now for a corny picture…

My heart (1)

Ahhhhh, the baby’s my heart. How cute. Winking smile

Monday, April 11, 2011

Starting to show

15 weeks (2)16 weeks (1)17 weeks (2)

I don’t know why, but I show a lot more from the front than I do from the side, but I know that will change in the future, so you’ll keep getting profile pictures showing the ever growing belly. Oh, and week 15, the baby’s size was compared to the size of an orange, so we thought it’d be cute to add an orange for size reference. Of course, week 16 compared the baby to the size of an avocado and we didn’t have one on hand, hence the lack of produce in proceeding photos.

I’m getting most of my energy back now that I’m in my second trimester, and I’m able to eat most foods again. Sad to say, I still have a slight aversion to meat, which for me, is pretty upsetting. But this too shall pass.

Oh, and a quick note on the house Steve told you about that we put an offer on. Recent update sounds like we are not going to get it. Sounds like the sellers are dealing with some marital issues and aren’t filing the proper paperwork with the bank in a timely fashion. This may turn the property into a foreclosure instead of a short sale, but who knows how long that will take, so we’ll continue looking for something in the meantime.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

House Hunting Status

We are officially free of the condo now which is a huge relief but haven’t found a place in Gig Harbor yet.  Living with my parents is going well, but we’re a little anxious to get our own place with the baby on the way and all.

To that end, we’re putting our hopes and prayers on this place for now but still keeping out eyes out for anything else that might come on the market.

It’s a short sale and there’s only 2 offers on it and we’re pretty sure our offer is higher than the other one, but the bank may not take either.  Hopefully the bank will decide that taking a 10% hit on the price is better than keeping it on the market longer.  And hopefully they will decide that SOON.  It’s a waiting game now though.

For those interested if how this house fits into our local life, the answer is great!  Here’s the map.  We also just figured out this morning that the house is walking distance to church (albeit no sidewalks in places) so that’s cool.