Tuesday, June 28, 2011

how awesome is my pregnant wife

She picked out, installed and re-keyed new locks for our house! All by herself! (she is currently carrying 2 selfs but I doubt baby was much help)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More than halfway there!

22 weeks (2)23 weeks (1)

24 weeks (1)

So many things have happened baby wise in the last 3 weeks. I feel her kick and punch (my bladder mainly) much more often now, and just last week, Steve finally felt her kick too!

I got to go home to Ventura a couple of weeks ago and visit with the parents and one of my good friends. I was so excited to finally experience some consistent sunny weather, to only find the weather only 2 degrees warmer than Gig Harbor, WA. Seriously Southern California?!? But ultimately, since that was not my main reason for visiting, it didn’t ruin the trip. I had a great time with my family, and my mom even took me on a much needed maternity clothes shopping trip. As you can see, I am visibly pregnant now, and no longer fitting in most of my clothes!

Steve and I participated in the Gig Harbor Street Scramble last Saturday. It’s a free event that is sort of like a scavenger hunt. You are provided with a map with almost 50 locations marked on it, and a corresponding list of questions with a point value for each location. The farther the location, generally the more points you can earn. You then bike, run, walk, or as in my case, waddle, to as many of the 50 locations on the map you can, answer the corresponding question, and try to get back to the starting point in the time given. We didn’t stay for the awards ceremony since baby was hungry, but we did get a free shirt from the event which was a total bonus I’d say. Here’s some of the pictures from the event:

Start of the event


Maps given to us (notice plastic cover in case of rain, only in WA)


The stairs of the end of the “shortcut” we took. I may be smiling now, but I wasn’t after I climbed them all. DSCN1058

Steve finding one of the answers at one of the locations on the map.DSCN1061

Finish line


Steve and I (and baby girl) with our new shirts. DSCN1065

Finally, the 20 week ultrasound as promised...